Party Wall Awards

(The Party Wall etc. Act 1996) A Party Wall Award sets the of engagement that must be adhered to, while building works are taking place within a property, that can have an effect on any neighbouring properties.

Building Owner? – Your rights under the Act

The Building Owner is the person who wishes to undertake work to alter or extend their building, close to the boundary with another property or land.

The Act provides a Building Owner, with additional rights which go beyond ordinary common law rights. The most commonly used rights include:

  1. To build close to or on the Line of Junction;

  2. To raise the height of a party wall (for example, adding another storey);

  3. To extend a party wall downwards (for example, to form a basement);

  4. To cut into a party wall to take the bearing of a beam (for example for a loft conversion).

  • We recommend that Building Owners have their plans checked over by an experienced party wall surveyor, to confirm whether the works come within the scope of the Act.
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  • You must inform all adjoining owners (freeholders and leaseholders), before any works have taken place, sometimes giving either one to two months notice ahead of time (depending on what works are being conducted).

  • We advise that Building Owners speak to their neighbours before serving the formal notice. Neighbours that feel they are being kept informed are more likely to “play ball” and consent to your works taking place. If work starts without a notice being given, an adjoining owner can seek to stop the work through a court injunction or seek other legal redress.

  • The Building Owner is responsible for making good any damage caused by the works or must make payment in lieu of making good if the Adjoining Owner requests it.
  • You don’t need planning permission for your plans to serve notice, and once you’ve done so you can take up to a year to start work.


Stage 1

Serving Party Wall Notices, in writing, to the owners of properties that will be affected by the “Notifiable Works”. These property owners are referred to as Adjoining Owners. They can either “Consent” or “Dissent” to the works.

Our fees for serving Party Wall Notices to the first Adjoining Owner = £180 including VAT plus any additional disbursements.

Stage 2a

When Appointed as the Building Owner’s Surveyor or as the Agreed Surveyor

Our fees for a Party Wall Award with the first Adjoining Owner are £1,800 including is £1,800 including VAT plus any additional disbursements.

Stage 2b

When Appointed as the Adjoining Owner’s Surveyor

Our fees for a Party Wall Award as the Adjoining Owner’s party wall surveyor are £1,200 including VAT, plus any additional disbursements.

Stage 3

Reinspection of the Adjoining Owner Property after the Works

No charge. Costs are included in the fee for the Party Wall Award.



We also make a small charge for any additional expenses that we incur while carrying out the Party Wall procedures. These “disbursements” are for activities such as:

  • Land Registry Checks @ £6 per check;
  • Postage and packing @ cost;
  • Travel Costs to and from property for Schedule of Condition or other site visits @ £0.45 per mile;

The average cost of disbursements is around £30 for properties in South London or North Surrey.

 For each additional Adjoining Owner, our fee is 50% of the fee to the first Adjoining Owner.